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sailor fuku tutorial: how to draft the top pattern (temp post)


justacrazedfangirl asked:

I really like your serafuku tutorial! I feel dumb for saying this, but how do I turn the drawings onscreen into an actual drafted pattern in my size? I’ve only worked with store-bought patterns that needed very little adjusting.

(I’m posting this as a text post because it’s super long lol. Sorry!)

Hi! Sorry for the super late response. I’ll be writing another post on this topic sometime with photos, but here’s a text dump w/ some crappy drawings for now. It’s super dense but I hope it helps!

(Also, for anyone who uses this tutorial to draft a pattern, please give me feedback if you find anything confusing or if you see any errors! :) I’m writing this at 3am so there might be mistakes or weird explanations I’m not catching. I’ll take everything into account when I write my actual post!)

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